Music Monday: Robin Thicke “Love After War” album review (1.2.12)

Unbeknownst to me, Robin Thicke released a new album in the beginning of December. Rumor has it that the whole album was inspired by Thicke’s high school sweetheart and wife, Paula Patton. After listening to the whole thing, it doesn’t surprise me. (I’d also like the mention that I adore and admire the couple so much.)

Love After War is sex on toast. One of Thicke’s finest pieces. The sound is very breezy, danceable. Some songs are upbeat while others are slower and more instrumental, but they all make you want to fall in love…or make love.

The “Love After War” video is sexy, but tasteful. (Thicke is a master of that.) As many have said, Thicke is creating this generation’s “baby making music.” This can be heard in songs like “I’m An Animal,” “All Tied Up,” and “Mission.” If these tracks don’t get listeners “in the mood,” nothing else will.

On a more serious note, Thicke’s song “The New Generation” talks about the current revolutions for democracy. “It’s a televised revolution/We want democracy/We fight all the pressure/We tired of murder and grief/We want our freedom/Like the Statue of Liberty/We want to see our children/Live better than you and me.” The song “Tears On My Tuxedo” is a sadder song, but maintains that breath of sexiness.

“Boring” is more of a testament to Thicke’s wife and how she is the only person he needs in his life. With her, his life is never…boring. It’s quite beautiful actually. You know he means it when he says “There’s no need to go/To Victoria’s Secret show/Or stay in central pay, on Jay Beyonce’s boat/No supermodel could interest me more/It’s like everything’s meaningless without you.”

The sweetest song is definitely “Lovely Lady.” It has the most soul with an airy and rhythmic guitar strumming. It’s a song for partners to sway back and forth to while dipping each other, and spinning in circles. It’ll make you smile for the whole two minutes and five seconds. Another song blatantly written about Patton is “Full Time Believer.”

Love After War is the perfect mixture of work and play. Listeners can feel the passion that Thicke has for his wife, but simultaneously, they can detach themselves from Thicke and envision their own fantasy love. And even for kids who have never been in love like myself, the album is great to just put on and dance alone in your room to. (And daydream about having a man love you like Robin Thicke.)

Thicke’s fifth album earns him 5/5 stars.


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