Music Monday: Sons of an Illustrious Father (3.19.12)

I discovered this band primarily because Ezra Miller, one of my new favorite actors- slash obsessions- is in it, but what a joy their music has brought into my life! If I had randomly found Sons of an Illustrious Father by chance, I would still happily listen to them. Why I hadn’t heard of them sooner is a mystery to me- they’re incredibly underrated, but insanely good. I’d label Sons of An Illustrious Father as folk-rock, but their sound is easy to listen to, pleasant, and all around chill.

The five piece Hudson Valley band consists of Sofia Albam (vocals, accordion, acoustic guitar, viola, banjo), Josh Aubin (electric bass, vocals), Jake Generalli (vocals, electric/acoustic guitar, organ, mandolin), Lilah Larson (vocals, electric/acosutic guitar, hammer dulcimer), and Ezra Miller (vocals, drums, percussion).

Sons of an Illustrious Father released their 11 song, self-titled debut album in 2009, followed by a 4 song EP, We Are Dead And Reborn, in August 2011. Their second and most recent album One Body was released in November 2011 and consist of 8 songs.

Their music can be found on Spotify or bought on their website. I’ve been excited for this Music Monday all week- sharing new music is such a treat!


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