Music Monday: You oughta know! v2 (3.5.12)

  • Young Magic– For some odd reason, when I listen to YM, I feel like I’m listening to a robot tribe. If I had to take their sound apart, I’d diagnose it as MGMT meets Bon Iver who is having an affair with Foster the People who is in a long distance relationship with Youth Lagoon. Def check ‘em out. “You With Air” and “Night In The Ocean” are my jaaaaams.
  • Miami Horror– I have to thank Tumblr for this find. Their album cover is what initially drew me to them. I feel like I’m falling into another dimension when I listen to them- it’s hypnotic and soothing to the ears.
  • Fun.- Lil bit of rock, lil bit of pop…it’s indie rock n roll at its finest. Currently listening to “Stars.” I like this band, I like them a lot! Yes, they sing that “We Are Young” song, but the other tracks off “Some Nights” are just as good if not better. Give ‘em a chance, they’re not mainstream crap.
  • Young the Giant- If you haven’t heard “My Body” by now, I don’t know where your ears have been! I recently scored their newest self-titled album off Amazon for a mere $5! Good shit. They’re selling out the whole country on their current US tour- I’m so bummed that I won’t get to see them perform in Philly or DC this upcoming weekend.
  • Tune-Yards- Light, easy-listening music. You’ll feel like you’re being transported to a small, intimate performance at a hip coffee house or cafe. Slightly jazzy, but rockin’…it’s different, I like it. W H O K I L L is a Grade A album.
  • Justice- Listen to them…listen now. I was introduced to  this group last semester, but never wrote about them because…I’m weird. Every song will make you want to dance, it’s fantastic. Their videos are insane, especially “DANCE”- YouTube it right now. So so so so good.
  • Aesop Rock– I know what you’re thinking- Sydney, this isn’t indie. Or rock. Or pop…this is hip-hop/rap, like whaaaaat? Well, AR is the ish right now. Everyone I know is listening to them, so maybe you should too. I like what I hear, it’s real chill.

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