Music Monday: Tilly and the Wall (2.27.12)


Three weeks ago, I had no idea who Tilly and the Wall was. One of my friends texted me and asked if I knew their stuff, to which I replied that I did not, and then he brought me his USB with their music on it. That whole afternoon, I listened to Tilly and the Wall whilst panicking about my 3 research papers. To my astonishment, Bottoms of Barrels calmed me down tremendously.

Tilly and the Wall consists of a 5 people- Jamie (tap dancer/percussionist), Kianna (vocals), Nick (keyboards), Neely (vocals) and Derek (guitar/vocals). The band is from Omaha, NE and has been around since the early 2000’s. In June of 2004, they released their debut album, Wild Like Children. The following year, Bottoms of Barrels was released. (I know, I’m 7 years late…yikes! Then again, at that time I was only 11 years old…and listening to the radio still.) Their last album o was released in 2008.

My favorite songs from Bottoms of Barrels are “Coughing Colors,” “Love Song,” “Rainbows In The Dark,” and “Lost Girls.” Every track is great in its own way though- they all sound so different from each other, it’s quite lovely. In particular, “Coughing Colors” is purely beautiful. The lyrics, voices/harmonies, and instruments blend together so well. The tempo is at a perfect pace, neither dragging nor racing the listener. It makes me feel like I’m floating through life.

When searching the band on tags, I came across this quote and it really moved me: “Tilly wont save your life. They make it clear you’ll have to do that. But they’ll sing about every bit of it, and with their tunes, make you realize that life is so bloody precious you should never settle for anything less than right.”-

That statement is so powerful. Music does save lives- it’s saved my life, and I don’t know where or who I’d be without it. Reading that made me appreciate this band’s music even more. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a whole CD this much in a while.


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