Plain Blane or Lucky Duckie? (April 2011)

“Pretty In Pink” had it all right- if a guy treats a girl worse than she deserves, she will still go back to him because she loves him unconditionally. That was back in the 1980s. Now it’s 2011 and nothing has changed.

What is wrong with the youth?

Duckie is the ideal type of guy any girl should want to date. First of all, he’s a loyal friend who is completely devoted to Andie. Sure, he’s a little overbearing, but he doesn’t come off as the creepy, obsessive, swim fan kind. He’s sweet and anyone with common sense would choose him over Blane. Duckie is also humorous, attractive and has good style, making him quite the catch.

I see where Andie’s coming from, Blane is the type of a guy who you can bring home to your parents without any worries. He was brought up from a wealthy family, is somewhat handsome and will have you home before curfew. He’s a good safety, but there’s no pizzazz.

However, the fact that he made the mistake of choosing his egotistical, womanizing “friend” over the girl of his dreams is unforgivable. Blane did not believe in their relationship enough at the time and when it seemed too late, he realized that he wanted Andie back. And he made her cry…No guy should ever make a girl feel so badly about herself that she cries!  In my book, Blane gets a big, fat, red “X” of disapproval.

People like Duckie never win- they’re always left disappointed and stuck in the “friend zone.”  (I would know, am a Duckie.) That’s why John Hughes got it right in his movies; he didn’t always give people that sappy, make believe ending. I mean, he did, but he told the story of the unsung hero inside all of us. As Brandon Flowers, lead singer of The Killers, once said, “We all have a little Duckie inside us.”

Embrace your inner Duckie!


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