When people rip books, I can’t help but cringe. (May 2011)

It feels like someone is tearing away at a part of my soul. Even if it’s a really old book that no one would dare touch ever again, it’s still a book. It’s a piece of literature therefore it deserves some respect. To this day, I have never folded the corner of a book page. It’t just something I can’t do. If I don’t have a bookmark or can’t make a bookmark, I’ll write the page number down somewhere else. Writing and highlighting in books is taboo to me as well. One time my teacher forced me to highlight my book- never before has a book that I owned looked so unhealthy. I refuse to ever do that again- it’s like one of the seven deadly sins in my eyes. You see, books, in a way, are like people to me, so when someone rips a book apart, it’s similar to ripping a limb off of a real person. I know that this seems so far-fetched and exaggerated, but that’s honestly how I feel whenever the situation occurs. There’s this scene in “The Breakfast Club” wear Bender tears pages out of some nearby books…breaks my heart. Every time I watch that scene I have the urge to cover my eyes- it’s almost too painful! Yet this is in amovie. Over the weekend during one of the One Act plays this one actor kept pulling apart book after book, page after page. I was stunned and prayed that he wasn’t using real books, but from the distance they looked legitimate.

Another thing on the topic of book abuse: ABANDONED BOOKS.

Abandoned books make me feel so sad! They’re just left on the floor or in a room and no one wants to pick them up and take them home. So depressing. But do I ever do anything about it? No. Perhaps I should…books can’t function on their own ya know? Even if you don’t read it, it’s nice to put it on a shelf with other books so it’s less lonely. Wow, I think I’ve taken this way too far…last week I saw the saddest thing though. A stack of three textbooks were left outside in one of my school’s courtyards and it started to thunderstorm and the books were drenched. Nobody tried to rescue them, they were just left there to suffer in the blistering wind and the bullets of rain drops. Witnessing that seriously scarred me. I couldn’t stop thinking about it for the rest of the week. Still to this day, every time I look out at that courtyard, I remember where those books were left and I have flashbacks of them being thrust open by the wind, pages blowing furiously, pelt by rain drops. It’s not right, man.

Books have feelings too! LOL JK. But books deserve more respect than they’re given. I may hate my Calculus textbook, but I still have the decency to keep it in the best condition that I can. Even my English books are stacked into a nice pile, ready to be returned. If people had more respect for books, maybe they’d have more respect for people too- and don’t even get me started on that. Children these days…oof!


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