Say Anything concert preview (4.17.12)

By Sydney Gore
Eagle Contributing Writer
April 17, 2012


After three years of anticipation, LA-based pop-punk band Say Anything released their fifth full-length album, “Anarchy, My Dear” last month, and will showcase their new sound at the Black Cat on April 17. The album was one of Alternative Press’ most anticipated albums of 2012; but for most fans, it was a hit or miss.

“Anarchy, My Dear” continues to capture frontman Max Bemis’ anger, showcasing songs with angst-filled lyrics. This time around, Bemis shifted the focus of this album away from his personal struggles, like bipolar disorder and drug issues.

The witty and carefree teen spirit that defined Say Anything in their earlier albums appears to have been replaced with a more mature attitude.

New songs on the setlist should be expected on this 31-date tour, but it wouldn’t be a true Say Anything show without a few songs from “…Is A Real Boy,” “In Defense of the Genre,” their self-titled album and music from the earlier EPs. Whether they approve of Say Anything’s new sound or not, pop-punk fans shouldn’t miss one of the genre’s most established acts at the Black Cat this week.


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