Music Monday: “Our Deal” by Best Coast (5.7.12)

Initially, I found this video because I saw a screenshot with Chloe Mortez in it and further investigated. To my delight, this was the full video. Although it’s quite lengthy, I love when the people behind the  music video take the time to make a quality story line that keeps the viewers watching. Directed by Drew Barrymore and cast with a few other “it” actors, this music video is a better version of the whole Sharks vs. Jets scenario.

If it’s not already obvious, Best Coast originates from the best coast, the west coast; specifically Los Angeles, CA. The duo, Bethany Cosentino, songwriter and lead vocalist, combined with Bob Brunno’s multi-instrumentation is the perfect concoction for some pretty sweet surf pop. (Or garage rock as the hipsters would say.)

I really dig Best Coast’s sound. The drum beats are light met with breezy guitar strums to complete that airy feeling, accompanied by a somewhat high-pitched but enjoyable whining.

Best Coast’s first studio album, “Crazy For You” (2010) received an 8.4 rating on Pitchfork, which is hella good. I recall seeing the album cover and laughing at it in the prior years, but had not bothered to listen to the actual CD at that time. (What a mistake!) This month on the 15th, the band will release their second studio album, “The Only Place.”

Request for them to headline a US tour with Summer Camp and Cults? Maybe one day…until then, I will happily see them perform in Philly this July! (I impulsively bought a ticket a few minutes ago. I know good music when I hear it.)

*End note: I want to apologize for my lack of Music Mondays in previous weeks. The combination of last week of classes and finals occupied all of my time. Luckily, I’m on a long-term study break at the moment! I’ll be returning home tomorrow which means more posts because I’ll be bored! Hahaha.

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