Music Monday: The Honey Brothers (5.14.12)


This weekend, I came across some sweet music and it tastes a lot like…honey.

The Honey Brothers are a 5 piece indie folk band from Brooklyn, NY. Who we once knew as Entourage’s Adrian Grenier is referred to as Honey DuContra and he drops the beats on drums, sings, and plays guitar. The remaining four members are Andrew Vladeck/Dory Honey (banjo, guitar, ukelele, vocals), DS Posner/Dr. J Carl Honey (vocals, guitar), Ari Gold/Hoyt Honey (ukelele, keyboards, vocals), Daniel Green/Sonny Honey (bass).

Originally, the band formed in 2001 as a ukelele trio, but evolved into something bigger by 2002 with the addition of drummer Adrian Grenier and bassist Pierre Michel. In 2003, The Honey Brothers put out their debut EP, Honey 4 U. 

For a few years, writing and recording took a halt, but after the accidental death of the original bassist, the band recouped and started recording in 2005 and independently released their first album, Songs For Your Sister in 2006. After another member change in the band, they recorded a 4 song EP called Demonstration in 2008.

From 2009-2012, The Honey Brothers premiered at various festivals including Osheago Festival, West Festival, Wanderlust Festival, Rave Festival. In addition, the band played at Open Space Alliance Benefit, Earth Day Dallas and Oceana. In 2010, The Honey Brothers made an appearance on an episode of 90210.

Last month, The Honey Brothers distributed their sophomore album, Time Flies Like A Peach. This time around, they made a music video for the song “Green and Gold” which appeared on SPIN. To support the album release, The Honey Brothers embarked on a 3 date “Time Flies Tour” in New York (Bowery Ballroom), Philadelphia (North Star Bar) and DC (DC9).

As stated on the band’s website, Ari Gold said, “What I’ve noticed with our new songs is a feeling of searching for community…I think the band coming together when we did, and the way we did, made us want to make music that helps us all live in the present.  Music can have longing, humor, and joy. I think our music is trying to find the utopia of love in a world that might be going to sh*t.”

For more info. on the band, visit their website or check their Twitter for updates.

End note: I firmly believe that the truly talented actors of today are all in bands. Let’s look at the list, shall we? Adrian Grenier, Adam Brody, Ryan Gosling, Ezra Miller…this is not just a coincidence!

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