Music Monday: Sydney’s Summer Song Suggestions (5.21.12)

Whether you’re chillaxing on the beach, stuck at work or laying around the house, here are the songs that you should be blasting all summer long. From old to new to something blue, you’re about to get everything from surf pop to indie rock n roll to 90s throwbacks! All 20 of these artists will set the breezy mood we all crave in the summertime.

  1. Moonlight” by The Honey Brothers– Fast ukelele strumming + thumping drums + lyrics about the ocean and night time + beautiful melodies and harmonies = PERFECT SUMMER SONG. This song transports me to some private island. I’m wearing a lei around my neck and dancing on the beach with a group of my “closest” friends. In real life, I’d do the same, minus the private island.
  2. Some Nights” by fun.- Gather round the bonfire, it’s time to chant with all your buds! Grab the bongos and the acoustic guitar, pass around the bottle of Jack and for the love of all that is holy, let’s make some s’mores. This is the song of summer 2012 right here.
  3. Airplanes” by Local Natives– “I want you back” isn’t quite what you want to hear yourself saying, but LN make it sound so appealing with their melodic harmonies. Personally, this song is fitting for one of those grey, rainy days that’s got you stuck inside reflecting on your life. At the end of that reflection, the sun pops out and a rainbow forms on the horizon. LA bands get it, man.
  4. Our Deal” by Best Coast– Surf pop automatically puts you in the summer mindset, add a band from the west coast and you’ll feel like you’re right there on the beach with them.
  5. Marathon” by Tennis- I now have a soft spot for bands who sound like they’re from the 1960s. What can I say, I’m nostalgic for the past despite the historical context. This husband-wife duo are a musical match made in heaven.
  6. Flightless, American Mouth” by Iron & Wine- For those slow, lonely nights when you’re alone with your cat… Oh, is that just me? My mistake. You can listen to Iron & Wine during any season no matter what mood you’re in, but they really hit home when you’re feeling sad or depressed. Wow, that’s a little anti-summery, huh?
  7. Harness and Wheel” by The Kingsbury Manx– In The Land of Women has one of the best soundtracks out there. I imagine this song playing in the background as a group of friends are laughing while running through a field in the woods together on a late summer night.
  8. Zebra” by Beach House- The haunting ahhhs in the beginning are soothing, inviting even with the combination of repetitive guitar chords and gentle drumming. You’ll be so distracted by how tranquil the song makes you feel that you won’t pick up on the tinted lyrics of the actual song.
  9. Hey Girl” by Dashboard Confessional- So this is what Florida is like outside of Miami…this song isn’t one of the ones that received radio play, but it’s a gem. Here’s what I see: Sk8r boi is in a mall parking lot with his dudes. Suddenly, he gets distracted by some babe casually strolling by. She pays him no attention because she’s with her gals, on a mission to purchase some bikinis. That’s where the lyrics come in, filling his thoughts. He wants to pursue the girl, but probably won’t. Ah, the life of a teenager.
  10. Australia” by The Shins- La la la la…that’ll get stuck in your head for hours and you’ll convince yourself that you’ve been transported down under. Personally, I envision myself on some sort of boat…(I’m on a boat…I’m on a boat.) It’s airy and pleasant to listen to that I can’t help but smile.
  11. Garands” by Young The Giant- Whenever I listen to this song, I can feel the waves of the Pacific Ocean crashing against my body. Sameer Gadhia’s voice has a way of calling me back to the home in my heart, California.
  12. When You Were Young” by The Killers– I always feel compelled to drive down the highway in an open convertible blasting this song whenever I hear it. It’s basically the story of my life…but actually.
  13. You” by The Pretty Reckless– For that shitty night where you’re on the brink of a meltdown and your idea of therapy is drinking alone. STOP RIGHT THERE. Breathe, then listen to this song. Taylor Momsen tends to come off as this rude, arrogant, badass super bitch but she sounds so raw, tender and vulnerable in this song. T-Momsen has a soul after all!
  14. Wait” by M83– Favorite track off Hurry Up We’re Dreaming. It has such a haunting vibe about it. I love the slow tempo and light beats and guitar strums. It makes me want to do something outdoorsy like stargaze.
  15. Underneath It All” by No Doubt- The sound is a little bit of reggae with a splash of pop. I remember this music video being so colorful and vibrant. On a sunny day this would be nice to listen to while riding your bicycle through the neighborhood.
  16. Shake Some Action” by Cracker- My favorite song from the Clueless soundtrack. The guitar and drums mixed with the graspy voice in this song really pump me up. It’s so 90s, I love it.
  17. Soulless” by Fake Problems- Another Florida band that knows how to set the mood. It’s fast so it’s really easy to dance to. And if the tempo doesn’t do it, Chris Farren’s voice will possess you to clap and dance like a crazy loon.
  18. What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction– You like it, stop denying it. The sooner we admit it, the sooner we get on with our lives. Scream this song at the top of your lungs and jump up and down on top of your bed whilst doing so. The British are coming! (You’re welcome Taylor, Kelly, Meaghan and Genevieve.)
  19. Summertime” by Aaron Carter– I will never not bring up AC when I have the chance. THIS WAS MY JUSTIN BIEBER. If this doesn’t get you in the summer mood, nothing will. Trust me.
  20. Summer Girls” by LFO- Couldn’t resist this throwback. If you don’t know all the words, you should be ashamed of yourself unless you weren’t born in the 90s.

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