Music Monday: Washed Out (5.28.12)

Washed Out is the trippy, electronica, twilight zone sounds of the 29 year old Georgia native, Ernest Greene.

After graduating from USC with a degree in library studies but failing to get hired as a librarian, Greene left the books on the shelf and embarked on a journey of musical discovery in his bedroom, like many indie artists of this time.

Washed Out falls under the distinctive genre “chillwave”, otherwise known as hazy, synthesized, and hip-hop inspired dance tunes.

Washed Out’s first EP, Life of Leisure (2010) showcased 5 songs and left followers craving for more. The following year, the full-length album, Within and Without, made its debut. This album was produced by Ben Allen who is noted for assisting Animal Collective on Merriweather Post Pavilion.

At the moment, I am mentally face palming myself for getting into Washed Out so late. Had I been digging around sooner, I would have been able to purchase tickets to his sold-out show at the Black Cat last month.

*End note: I recommend this artist to anyone who listens to Youth Lagoon.


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