New book: “The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories”

Last fall, the release of Joseph Gordon Levitt’s book “The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories” created quite the buzz in the Tumblr world. Approximately 6 months ago, I found the book in Urban Outfitters. Yesterday, I randomly came across it again in the same store (though in a different location) and it was on sale. I bought it without hesitation and to my delight, it ended up costing me $5.39!  The universe and I are in sync this week because I had been thinking about the book earlier yesterday not expecting it to still be in UO and long behold, it was still there, waiting for me.

The cover is a reflection of what to expect on the inside. Basically, the book consists of super short stories – some are a few sentences, others are literally one sentence long- written by contributing writers and a cute illustration to match.

Not only is the book nice to have on your shelf or nightstand for decoration, but it’s amusing to read. (My parents flipped through a few pages last night and were cracking up!)


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