Music Monday: Slow Kids At Play (6.25.12)

Normally, I’m not one for reggae music, but when it has a punk rock sound to it, I can dig it. Slow Kids At Play is a 6-piece band from South Bay, California that formed in 2009.

With one album to their name and a few local shows in California, Slow Kids At Play is fairly new in the game, but they do have a loyal following on Twitter and Facebook.

Yes, I discovered this band because of its drummer, Dylan O’Brien, but there’s more to them than the adorkable “Teen Wolf” babe. Max Hamilton (vocals), Ben Biener (guitar), Steven Beuder (jangles), and Hunter Porter (tones) all heavily contribute to the unique sound that can be heard on their debut album, Eskape.

This is a band that dips into more than one genre of music, and they do it well.

Slow Kids At Play most definitely sends that chill, easy-going California vibe with upbeat and fun tunes like “Bonfire” and slow, head swaying songs like “The Greatest Mystery”. However, some tracks like “Only Far In Our Minds” and “Weatherman” have a more hardcore tone, sounding more alternative rock. Not to mention that the random f-bombs dropped give the band some edge. In “Step Into Your Roots”, Hamilton even raps some of the verses.

Personally, my favorite song is “I Wanna Be”. When I first heard it, I was cracking up, but it’s actually a really cute song. I mean, what’s not to like about a guy singing “I wanna be in your bedroom/ I wanna be on your bathroom floor/ I can’t stop thinking about you/ You got me screaming and wanting more”? It’s a typical hopeless romantic song and in a way, it reminds me of something that comedians with acoustic guitars or a keyboard would perform.

Hopefully SKAP will tour in the not so slow approaching future. (Talk of a Summer 2012 tour surfed the web a few months ago…) Don’t be a slow poke, buy their album on iTunes now! All 14 songs will totally enhance your summer playlist.


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