POZ Review: Boys Like Girls – Crazy World EP

Since February of last year, Boys Like Girls have been on a hiatus of rediscovery. After releasing Love Drunk, the disappointing follow-up to their self-titled album in 2009, consensus found the Massachusetts four-piece as good as gone. Approximately one year later, Boys Like Girls decided to put themselves back on the map with the release of the Crazy […]

POZ Review: twenty | one | pilots – three songs

three songs, the title of twenty | one | pilots’ newly released EP, is pretty self-explanatory. The EP features “Guns For Hands” and “Ode To Sleep,” two songs from their previous album, and a new song called “Migraine,” the keystone third song. twenty | one | pilots have confirmed that their follow-up album, Vessel will have 12 songs on it, but […]

Nocturnal nostalgia

Yesterday in the afternoon, I randomly felt compelled to rummage through my playroom, a room in my basement where everything from my childhood is essentially stored. Among the chaos of American Girl dolls, fake dishes and utensils, CDs from the 90s, photographs, and overflowing boxes, I found a few items worth resurrecting. Some of them […]

POZ Review: Forever Came Calling – Contender

Forever Came Calling’s debut album, Contender, proves that the band has not been defeated in any way, shape or form. And don’t be fooled by their hometown of Twentynine Palms—this California-grown band isn’t in the most golden state of mind.This album recounts the epic fails, the semi-successes, and everything that intervenes. Contender is an album that never skips a beat or leaves listeners hanging. The music rarely pauses between each track, yet each song is […]

POZ Single Review: The American Scene – Just Say It

The American Scene shares a sample of their upcoming album, Safe For Now, in the form of the single “Just Say It”. Their first album, By Way Of Introduction, was released last year. Matt Vincent (vocals, bass), Charles Vincent (drums), Chris Purtill (guitar) and Jeff Wright (guitar, vocals) make up the four-piece Berkley, California based band. With […]


If I were a lightning bug, I’d be the one trapped inside the glass jar. Theoretically speaking, I am outside with all the other fireflies, flying around, but there’s still something restricting me. Of course, the jar was created by my own mind- it is a metaphorical figment of my imagination that I willingly flew into- but […]