POZ Single Review: Forever Came Calling – If Bukowski Could See Me Now

Two years have passed since Forever Came Calling released the HopE.P.assion EP. Twentynine Palms, CA natives Joe Candelaria (vocals, guitar), John Swaba (bass), Bryce Esquivel (drums), and Ron Greiger (guitar) have been working tirelessly on their debut album,Contender, and finally treat their fans—and the pop-punk world—to a taste with new single “If Bukowski Could See Me Now.”

“Let’s get reckless like the ocean // ‘cause I’m careless like the sea”, Candelaria opens the song with in shouts.

“If Bukowski Could See Me Now” has everything a pop-punk song needs: Roaring vocals, beastly drumming, raging guitars, a badass bass and hard-hitting lyrics. From the get-go, the guitars play off each other with a scratching tone while the sturdy drumming keeps the track moving at a swift pace. This song begs the question, “Which came first: the track or the circle pit?” as it’s hard to imagine the crowd doing anything else with this song blasting through the soundsystem live—even through home speakers, it is impossible to sit still without tapping, thumping or jumping to the beat.

“We’re all searching for // something tangible”, the band vociferously chants in unison. It’s a line that the masses can personally identify with. This is a song about persevering despite the odds and never giving up on yourself or your friends. As mentioned in the beginning of the chorus, the key to success is “confidence,” “common place” and “settling in”.

This single comes in short at 2 minutes and 6 seconds, but as a preview of what to expect on the new record this July, it leaves everyone amped and wanting more. Forever Came Calling proves that hardwork and dedication pays off because “If Bukowski Could See Me Now” hits the nail on the head, hard.


*This review was composed by Sydney Gore and edited by Emily Coch


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