POZ Single Review: Handguns – Song About You

Since 2009, Harrisburg, PA quartet Handguns have been paving their way to the pop-punk scene. Crowding venues with angsty teenagers ready to throwdown, the band has new material following their EP, Don’t Bite Your Tongue.

“Don’t tell me to write a song about you // Don’t tell me to write a song about you // Don’t tell me to write a song about you // Don’t tell me what to do”, Taylor Eby yells in the beginning of “Song About You,” with the kind of unmistakable conviction that doesn’t let you second guess.They don’t want anyone telling them what to do or who they should be for that matter—in the band’s own words, “I don’t regret a thing I said”. Handguns call the shots in all aspects of their musical and personal life.

It feels like Handguns is pouring blood, sweat and tears into every second of “Song About You”. The first 30 seconds race by quickly with a rapid tempo. Woody Spokas kills the drums and combined with Jake Langley’s punching guitar chords and Nate Bobb’s steady rhythm on bass, they don’t just support Eby’s sturdy vocals: they embellish them.

If Handguns was worried about “trying to put the right words together”, as they say in the chorus, they erase that looming sense of denial from their conscience. “I don’t need anyone or anything // I just need something to believe in”, Eby says halfway through as everything hushes. It’s a powerful statement that sticks to anyone struggling to figure out who they are and what their purpose is in this world.

The song, clocking in at 3:50, has fans colored stoked for the debut LP, Angst, which will be released in September. This time around Eby, Langley, Bobb and Spokas all wrote the entire record together. This collaboration clearly made a difference because fans, newcomers and critics agree that “Song About You” is one of the best songs that the band has ever written.


*This review was composed by Sydney Gore and edited by Emily Coch


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