Trendy Tuesday: Floral headpieces

As a trendsetter, you never want to seem like you’re following the trends, but leading them. For months, I have been desperately searching for the ~ideal~ floral headbands, but unwilling to settle for anything less than exactly what I wanted. To my dismay, there are very few pink floral pieces that meet my standards. This week, I was rolling in luck and found TWO floral headpieces- one is a floral crown and the other is a floral headband. (Apparently a crown is different, I did not know this previously.) Floral crowns/headbands are good investments because they can be worn in any season. Not only do these accessories compliment floral outfits- though I’m not suggesting floral on floral on floral- but they add a pop of color and fun to any gal’s wardrobe!

(1) Floral crown: Positivum USA

I love this crown because it is PINK PINK PINK! Also, there is a clasp on the back so I can adjust the tightness or looseness of the crown. The fact that this crown was made by hand makes me feel like I have a more valuable piece too because it’s one of a kind. Positivum USA is having a SALE ON ALL floral crowns and headbands until July 6! They’re a steal at 50% off so if you’re looking for a quality and affordable crown, take your business here. (Valeria is a wonderful lady!) Even at full price, you’re getting your money’s worth because the product is handmade.

(2) Floral headband: Free People

I browse the Free People website on the daily, but when I saw this headband I had to visit the store ASAP. The first time I found it, I opted not to get it because of the price, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it. A few weeks later, I returned to the store and immediately purchased it. I paid more than I would normally like for this headband, but it’s super cute and by Free People so I have no regrets! Hahaha. FP has tons of other floral headpieces online and in stores as well. Did I forget to mention they have some ON SALE??? Oh, and did you notice that I matched my floral headband with a floral cami in the photo? Tastefully done, if I might add!

If you find that these headpieces are out of your price range, I have also been informed that H&M and Claire’s have some options. I always recommend the handmade pieces though because they tend to be in better condition and are harder to find. Etsy is another great place to check! Also, the last time I was at Anthropologie, I saw the prettiest floral clips in the sale section.

Oliver is a fan of all the floral aesthetics this year.


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