Think pink

I came across these two books when I was wandering around the Children’s section of Barnes & Noble. Initially, I was drawn to them because they are pink, my favorite color, but upon opening the books, I found that the content within was not only relevant to young girls, but even young women like myself. At first, I thought about possibly purchasing the books for my 10 year-old cousin, Madison, but now I’m thinking that I should buy them for myself! Hahaha. They would definitely fit in with the other books on my shelves and tables.

My Mom found my favorite ice cream of all time at the grocery store the other day so I’m the happiest girl in the world right now! In my younger days, I would force myself to eat strawberry ice cream solely because it was the color pink. Hahaha. Now, strawberry is one of my favorite flavors. This pint gives me the best of both worlds because it’s a combination of strawberry and vanilla ice cream- my two faves!

All of my AU friends know that I’m a big “Sex And The City” fan, so it was a no-brainer to buy this from the record store, especially being $2.99. Now I have the entire SATC collection! :)

Speaking of pink, does anyone remember that catchy “Think Pink” Barbie song? I jam to it from time to time and I don’t care who knows! Hahaha. Listen to it below:


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