Music Monday: Jukebox the Ghost (7.9.12)

Jukebox the Ghost is an indie rock trio from Washington, DC/Philadelphia, PA. Tommy Siegel (vocals, guitar, bass), Ben Thornewill (vocals, piano, keyboard, accordion) and Jesse Kristin (drums, percussion) all met while they were attending college at George Washington University (GWU) in 2003. The name Jukebox the Ghost originates from the blending of a Captain Beefheart song and a line from Vladimir Nabokov’s book, Pnin.

They released their debut album, Let Live and Let Ghosts in 2008, followed by their sophomore album, Everything Under The Sun in 2010. This past April, their third album, Safe Travels made its way to the surface. All 3 albums are sensational. My favorite songs are “Hold It In”, “Under My Skin”, “Somebody”, and “Oh, Emily”.

This summer, Jukebox the Ghost embarked on their first headliner tour. I had the pleasure of attending their free show at the World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, PA for WXPN last Friday afternoon. The whole venue was packed with an audience ranging from tweens to parents. This is no teeny bopper band though- Jukebox the Ghost puts on an entertaining and indulging performance. Siegel shreds on his guitar, Kristin jams on the drums, and Thornewill simultaneously pounds into the keyboard and makes creepy faces.

After the show, the band had a 15 minute meet and greet and then headed down to The District for their show at 9:30 club. Some of the sweetest dudes I’ve ever met. Here’s some evidence of my adventure:

This is me and Ben Thornewill. What a cutie!


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