Music Monday: Firefly Festival (8.23.12)

This weekend, I spent 3 glorious days in the Woodlands of Dover, Delaware for the Firefly Music Festival! It may have rained, but not on my parade. This was one of the best weekends I have ever had and I would definitely say that the Firefly Festival is the highlight of my summer. Purrrrrrsonally, my favorite performances this weekend were The Killers, Young the Giant, Death Cab For Cutie, Cults, Reptar, OK GO, and The Black Keys. And now I present a brief run-down of each day of the Firefly Festival from my point of view below!


There weren’t any specific acts that I wanted to see on Friday, so I spent most of my time roaming the grounds and getting accustomed to the Woodlands. The set up for the Firefly Festival made me feel like I was in an enchanted forest. Everything was spaced out so well that you never felt overcrowded or overwhelmed by the thousands of people there. We had to do a whole lot of walking, but nothing too unreasonable. (Okay, except maybe the bridge…) I ended up watching Matt Costa, OK GO, John Legend, Bassnectar and Jack White!


For Saturday, Moriah and I had a set schedule with little to no wiggle room. In the afternoon, we watched Cults and then immediately headed towards the Firefly Stage so we could see get good spots for Young the Giant and Modest Mouse. After dancing our way through and bonding with some lovely people, we somehow managed to get right at the barricade. Young the Giant did a fantastic job. They perform with so much passion- it’s captivating. I didn’t want their set to end, but I was getting impatient to see The Killers.

My main goal for the whole weekend was to get as close as possible for The Killers. On Saturday night, I conquered that goal and made it to the front row. If you know me then you understand how big of a deal it was for me. The Killers have been my favorite band since I was in sixth or seventh grade- seeing them live was an achievement in itself, but to be in the front row…more than I could have ever asked for. All of the “victims” around me were the friendliest people I have ever been in a crowd with and they made my experience even better. We all practically exchanged life stories while we waited- some of them traveled all the way from California and Texas!

The Killers played nearly all of my favorite songs. Name the hits, they did them all. I don’t even know where to begin…they came on 15 minutes late, but once they graced the stage that didn’t even matter. The Killers are true entertainers and put on one hell of a show. I love when a band is so appreciative of their fans support that they constantly interact with the crowd. The whole time Brandon Flowers had this huge smile on his face because he knew that everyone in the audience was there for them.

The Killers played 3 of their new songs so that was a nice treat! During their final song, “When You Were Young”, confetti shot out from the stage followed by fireworks. It was the most incredible hour and a half. After 7 years of waiting, my dream finally came true. Hands down, The Killers show was the best concert I have ever attended in my life (until the next time I see them). Everything leading up to that night was worth it. Two days later and I have not been able to recover from their show yet. No one will ever measure up to The Killers from here on out.


By the time the last day came around, I was physically and mentally burned out. The only thing keeping me motivated was knowing that I would get to watch Death Cab For Cutie later that night. The outfit I wore on Sunday had been planned out for about a month so I was eager to debut it to all the wannabe hippies and sunburnt frat bros. Throughout the day, “professional” photographers kept stopping in their tracks and snapping close up photos of me. It was strange, but amusing! To pass the time by, I kept taking pictures of the scenery.

Early in the afternoon I ended up watching Reptar and they had a refreshingly fun set. I never listened to them prior to the festival, but they opened for Foster the People last year so I knew they had to be decent. For most of the day, I aimlessly explored the grounds. It was too hot to function so I laid down during Cold War Kids and Fitz And The Trantrums.

Even though Ben Gibbard was sick, Death Cab For Cutie put on an amazing performance. Every song was as close to perfection as it could possibly be- they sound the same live as they do on CD. Waiting around in the crowd for The Black Keys was torture, but it ended up being a solid ending close to the weekend. After 3 days of musical bliss, I am ready for Firefly Festival 2013!!!


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