POZ Single Review: No Doubt – Settle Down

Released on July 16 at midnight PST, No Doubt’s newest single, “Settle Down” came to life. The iconic 90s band from Anaheim, California has been out of the game since their last album Rock Steady came out a decade ago. As a preview of what their comeback album, Push and Shove, will sound like, “Settle Down” definitely lives up to the band’s vivaciously scrumptious statement of “ear candy.”

The track is very upbeat, dripping with ska pop-rock tones, No Doubt’s signature sound. The string instruments utilized in the beginning are unexpected and light up “Settle Down” with the fierce introduction that it needs as the first single. The melodies, the verses, the bridge—every element is spotless. Musically, the track is impeccably balanced between Dumont (guitar), Young (drums) and Kanal (bass). The drums sound straight from the islands, the bass is thumping, and the guitar keeps the song in tune. This well-rounded instrumentation compliments and embellishes Stefani’s power vocals.

The song is simple with a clear but significant message: “get in line, and settle down”. Since they formed 25 years ago in 1986, the members of No Doubt have undergone several changes in their personal lives. Everyone has grown up, settled down, and formed a family to raise. Entering their early forties, they are all still “trying to get a hold on this” new lifestyle. No doubt that these life ventures have been positive experiences.

No Doubt’s seventh album, Push and Shove, hits stores on September 25. Until then, the band will be performing at several events this month such as the Teen Choice Awards on July 22 and Good Morning America on July 27.

The 6 minute song is already available on iTunes and can be streamed now on No Doubt’s official website. Settle down and listen to this single now—it’s a summer smash hit that will be on blast for the remainder of this season.


*This review was composed by Sydney Gore and edited by Emily Coch


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