POZ Single Review: The American Scene – Just Say It

The American Scene shares a sample of their upcoming album, Safe For Now, in the form of the single “Just Say It”. Their first album, By Way Of Introduction, was released last year. Matt Vincent (vocals, bass), Charles Vincent (drums), Chris Purtill (guitar) and Jeff Wright (guitar, vocals) make up the four-piece Berkley, California based band.

With that being said, “Just Say It” has an unmistakable California vibe with striking guitar tones and trickling drums. Overall, the song has a serene demeanor about it, moving along at a leisurely pace from start to finish. Matt Vincent utters every word soothingly. “Are you afraid of the end? // Are you afraid of the end of everything? // I’m not afraid of the end, no // I’m not afraid of the ending of anything,” he says with ease.

The only downside to the song is its music video, which showcases a variety of dancers from the 1930s-1950s era. The intention of the video was probably to leave everyone mesmerized and entertained, but it did little more than distract and confuse—the video’s complaining commenters attest to that, as well. (Not to mention that the dancers have absolutely nothing to do with the song, and not in the charmingly ironic, pseudo-intellectual, non-sequitorial way.)

On another note, critics and listeners alike have stated that “Just Say It” is a cross between a Brand New and Transit song, some even adding a dash of The Dangerous Summer to the mix—an intriguing combination artistically and a promising parallel musically. As of now, everyone is impressed with this taste of Safe For Now and expects considerable things from The American Scene with the upcoming August 7 release.


*This review was composed by Sydney Gore and edited by Emily Coch


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