Nocturnal nostalgia

Yesterday in the afternoon, I randomly felt compelled to rummage through my playroom, a room in my basement where everything from my childhood is essentially stored. Among the chaos of American Girl dolls, fake dishes and utensils, CDs from the 90s, photographs, and overflowing boxes, I found a few items worth resurrecting. Some of them will have a new home in my dorm room at AU, others have secured a place in my bedroom!

Of the earliest childhood memories I can recall, I remember reading and watching Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter. To this day, I consider her one of my favorite authors, despite the fact that her books were written for children. She got me interested in reading and drawing at a very young age, ultimately instigating my passion for writing. Beatrix Potter fascinated me to the point where I read any and all biographies about her that existed in my elementary school library. I even watched the amateur movies made about her life. For a good chunk of my childhood, she was my hero. (One day, I plan on getting an outline of Peter Rabbit tattooed on my body because it played a meaningful part in my life.)

For some odd reason, I have been keeping this treasure on one of the shelves in my desk cabinet. No longer shall this miniature set of Peter Rabbit books go unnoticed! I’m definitely putting this in my dorm room. I wanted to bring the full-size set, but I would be heartbroken if something bad ever happened to it. Not that I wouldn’t be upset if something happened to this one…I adore this set in particular because it’s smaller so it won’t take up as much space. My room is going to look like a whimsical, literary, pink haven!

For months, I have been tweeting about how much I want a polaroid camera. Little did I realize that I already had one sitting on the shelf in my basement. This polaroid I-ZONE camera was one-of-a-kind, as distinguished by the American Girl logo. I don’t know why I never used it, but upon carefully examining it, I noticed that there was a problem with how I inserted the film. I probably thought that I broke it so I left it untouched for years. Hopefully I can figure out how it works. Unfortunately, the camera and the film were discontinued- yes, I checked on Google- but there are some packs of film available on Amazon (for ridiculous prices).

I remember using this contraption as a spy kit back in my youthful days. Like any typical girl, I loved my Barbie dolls. I can’t seem to put together who gifted this to me, but I loved it then and I still love it now! (How awesome is it that there is a picture of the BLACK Barbie on it? She looks fabulous!) Now, this is a perfectly sized makeup carrier. As you can see, I am using the bottom section for nail polish and the top section for all of my makeup essentials.

There’s something both happy and sad about reminiscing moments from your childhood. You remember your childhood and the memories that certain items bring back and at first they make you smile, but then you want to cry because that part of your life can never be re-lived again. That innocence and sense of curiosity that we possessed as children gradually vanishes. We “grow up”, but find ourselves wishing we could go back in the past and be kids again. It’s funny because when we were younger, all we ever wanted was to grow older and be one of the “big kids”. (Random Q: What if we aged backwards like Benjamin Button?)

For me, the little things from my childhood have so much more meaning to me now and because of this, I fully appreciate my upbringing and how my parents raised me. They surrounded me with multiple forms of love, knowledge, and happiness. What more could a child ever need?


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