celebrating our 5th birthday!

“I love sweetgreen. I love it so much…every day,” said sweetgreen employee, Vilma, who started at sweetgreen exactly 5 years ago on August 1, 2007.

As of today, sweetgreen celebrates its fifth year in business! With that being said, we wouldn’t be here without our incredibly sweet team and staff.

Since 2007, our sweetest employee, Vilma has been working at the original sweetgreen in Georgetown. Yesterday, co-founders Nate and Nic sat down and asked Vilma about her sweet experience with us over the past five years!

SG: You’ve been here since day 1. You were a part of it at the very beginning. Thank you so much for all your work.

V: Thank you so much for the opportunity. I have learned so much. I love sweetgreen. I love it so much…every day. My objective is to improve. Suppose that the company has goals, and this is one of my responsibilities. To have goals.

SG: What does the sweetlife mean to you?

V: What does it mean? It means, that it’s really surreal, really super. It’s to say that it’s a surreal experience.

SG: What is your favorite memory from 2007?

V: I want to say…gaining experience. My experience was that I knew nothing. My experience here is that nobody told me and more or less I listened and learned the salads…And then when you guys came in to work, this one was the cashier! [motions to Nic] Making the spices, the dressings, everything. [laughs] You guys are the best.

SG: What is your favorite salad?

V: Right now, Costal Salad. Corn, miso dressing and…and Feta cheese!

Afterwards, Nate and Nic got in touch with their roots as they took turns behind the counter taking orders and mixing salads!

What better way to celebrate sweetgreen’s 5 year anniversary than have  the co-founders make each other their own salads!

Hard work tastes pretty good!

happy 5th birthday sweetgreen! Our gift to you is a 5 for 5 mixtape—5 songs for 5 years!


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