Music Monday: Miniature Tigers (8.6.12)

Charlie Brand (vocals, guitar), Rick Schaier (keyboard, drums, vox), Brandon Lee (bass, vox) and Algernon Quashie (guitar) make up the indie pop band known as Miniature Tigers. Since 2006, they have been dazzling the indie world with their catchy folk/psychedelic/electronic pop songs.

From 2006 to 2008, the band released 3 EPs: OctopusWhite Magic, and Black Magic. In 2008, they finally released their first album, Tell It To The Volcano. Their sophompre LP, Fortress, came out in 2010. This past March they dropped their third album, Mia Pharoah.

For the past three years now, I have been listening to the tunes of Miniature Tigers. I was hooked the first time I heard “Cannibal Queen”. (Thanks for that, Benjamin.) It’s funny how easily I find myself relating to nearly all of their songs. My favorites are “Like or Like Like”, “The Wolf”, “Goldskull”, “Cannibal Queen”, “Dino Damage”, “Bullfighter Jacket”, “Sex On The Regular” and “Boomerang”. The last album certainly went off in its own direction and sounds nothing like the prior recordings, but after seeing several of the songs performed live, I am pleased to say that I like it entirely now.

This past Friday night, I had the pleasure of seeing Miniature Tigers perform at North Star Bar in Philadelphia, PA with my friend, Annie. For once, this was an indie show where everyone danced. I’m talking about full out, from the front row to the back. Down with the crossed arms, frigid bodies, and nodding hipster bobble heads! Hahaha. I love being able to dance freely at an indie show- it’s a rare treat. I was jamming so hard the whole time, barely pausing to catch my breath as I sang along to every song! Even the opening bands, Strange Seasons and Team Spirit, were fun to watch.

During “Cleopatra”, Charlie came into the crowd and danced with everyone. (I’m happy to report that he got all up in my face. We were vibing during soundcheck so it was bound to happen.) It was so nice to see everyone enjoy his presence, yet at the same time focus on the music for a change instead of attacking him. After the show, my friend, Annie and I waited in the parking lot and were the first people to meet Charlie. He was a sweet fellow and genuinely conversed with us for a few minutes before we went over to Rick. Here’s some substantial evidence of my encounter.

This was definitely one of my favorite concerts. It was intimate in every way, partially due to the small size of the venue, but mainly because this is how Miniature Tigers interacts with their audience. They sing all your favorite songs, they effortlessly make you dance like a fool, and then they get up close and personal. Definitely check this band out if you ever have the time!


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