Music Monday: Surfer Blood (8.13.12)

Rising with the tide from West Palm Beach, Florida, the indie rock band Surfer Blood has made quite the splash since they started in 2009. Combining glo-fi harmonies and lo-fi clanging, retro-garage and classic rock, Surfer Blood has managed to encompass the elements from a hipster’s wet dream, yet produce a sound that is wholly original and distinctly their own.

John Paul Pitts (lead vocals/guitar) and Tyler Schwarz (drums) founded the band and added Thomas Fekete (guitar/backing vocals), and Kevin Williams (bass guitar/backing vocals) shortly after. Surfer Blood’s debut single, “Swim” received much appraise in the indie pool, and Pitchfork named it the 37th best track on their list of “100 Best Songs of 2009”. In 2010, Surfer Blood released their debut album, Astro Coast. Last year, Surfer Blood dropped their 4 song EP, Tarot Classics.

From track to track, it is very apparent that the sound of this band is a reflection of their Florida surroundings with the airy guitar strums, bass picks, and island-esque drum beats, but Surfer Blood is definitely not the surf-n-turf-beach-boys type. This claim is evident in songs like “Voyager Reprise” and “Miranda”, which are dripping in rock and roll. Personally, the tracks that really sink into my skull are “Floating Vibes”, “Neighborhood Riffs”, “I’m Not Ready”, “Twin Peaks”, “Drinking Problem”, “Take It Easy” and “Catholic Pagans”.

This summer, the band embarked on a short tour in the U.S. If they’re ever on your coast, do yourself a favor and reel yourself into the nearest venue. (I regret not driving the extra two hours up north or down south to see them for a small fee.) Follow their ripples in the big, bad sea of music via their websiteFacebook, and Twitter.


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