Living in a pink state of mind

Welcome to my crib…

Sunday was my last day of summer in the hills of the Garden state. I spent the early afternoon at my Grammy and Pop-Pop’s house where they prepared a crabfest feast and bid me adieu with this scrumptious cake!

Gwen Stefani has always been one of my idols, so when I found out she was the cover girl for Harper’s BAZAAR this month, I nearly squealed with delight. What a coincidence that she was embellished in pink! I accidentally forget the magazine at home, but when my parents return next week, you bet this is going front and center on my desk.

Moving in is a tiresome process, but the aftermath is always satisfying. All summer I have been looking forward to decorating my side of the room and this year, I am in love with my setup. This time around, I didn’t buy any new pieces to decorate- everything was either recycled from last year or an item sitting around in my house.

By far, this is my favorite part of my room. Essentially, this is my whole childhood on one shelf, but nothing looks outdated or out of place. A few years back, my Mom gave me the pink radio as a gift. I love its retro physique! Last Easter, my parents surprised me with a lovely care package contained within this adorable bucket. It’s new purpose is to hold my not-so-secret stash of candy. I have had the cross-stich pillows, Peter Rabbit tin and Marie (“The Aristocats”) wind-up box since I was a kid.

My awesome bookshelf brings all the boys to the yard and damn right, it’s better than yours. My love for leatherbound editions grows stronger as each day passes by. I would have brought all the ones that I own, but then my room back home would be lacking in style. I don’t care if the “Keep Calm And Carry On” propoganda is so last year, I’m still into it, as you can see with the ceramic bank and books. Lastly, I have some more Peter Rabbit memorabilia.

For the past few months, Pacsun has been launching their “Golden state of mind” campaign. Being the California lover that I am, I could not resist displaying these pages from one of my copies of NYLON last semester. I like that it’s located right by my pillow so I see it every night before I doze off. I’m all about maintaining a golden state of mind. GOOD VIBES.

Since middle school, I have always enjoyed flipping through magazines, ripping out the pages and collaging them in some way. This corner had an awkward amount of wall space so I filled it in!

My desk looked so bland compared to everything else, so I jazzed it up! I turned my metal Beatles picture into a placemat. It’s the perfect place to write letters or eat a quick meal!


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