Music Monday: The Boy Least Likely To

Across the pond, The Boy Least Likely To has been hiding in Wendover. Influenced by independent bands from the 1980s, Jof Owen and Peter Hobbs create enchanting indie pop songs using instruments like banjos, glockenspiels, recorders and fiddles. Hobbs and Owen are also co-owners of their own record label, too young to die, which they produced all of their albums on.

The Boy Least Likely To’s first album, The Best Party Ever came out in 2005. Their sophomore album, Law of the Playground, dropped in 2009, followed by The Boy Least Likely To Christmas Special, which was released a year later.

I randomly found TBLLT on Tumblr when one of the blogs that I follow posted their album. Intrigued by the cute images on a mellow yellow background, I decided to look them up! I’m a new listener, but so far my favorite TBLLT song is “A Fairytale Ending”. I like this band because their music is cute and cheerful in a genuine way. Maybe I’ll have the delight of seeing them live in the not-so-distant future!

Stay updated on The Boy Least Likely To by checking their various social media accounts! (FacebookTwitterWebsite)


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