Music Monday: My interview with Alaina Moore from Tennis

Over the past six months, indie-pop band Tennis has been busy touring in the states and abroad to promote their sophomore album, Young & Old. The husband-and-wife duo of Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley have been serenading residents from coast to coast with their euphonious tunes and will be stopping by D.C. on Oct. 8 to play a headlining set at the Rock & Roll Hotel.

The now four-piece band has been on a short break, finding comfort in their hometown of Denver, Colo. but will soon hit the road again and return to touring. Their set at the Rock & Roll will be their second at the venue, though their previous show didn’t go as smoothly as planned.

“We have a history of really awkward shows in D.C.,” said Moore as she recollected disasters from their previous performances.

The first time Tennis performed at Rock & Roll Hotel, Moore was sick and ended up choosing an audience member to join her onstage and help sing “Marathon,” a single from their 2010 debut album, Cape Dory. The second time at Black Cat, the band struggled with sound problems as a result of skipping a soundcheck. Yet amidst these technical, personal and mechanical errors, fans from the District of Columbia continued to rally for Tennis, and that is exactly why the band always bounces back.

“I feel like we have very lovely, receptive fans in DC,” said Moore.

Like always, concert attendees should expect Tennis’ live sound to deviate from their recordings. In Moore’s own words, “some elements can’t be duplicated live.” The one bummer of touring is that the band doesn’t get the opportunity to explore new terrain, but Moore believes that “live performances are always such a rewarding experience.”

Tennis fans won’t have to wait much longer for new material because Moore and Riley have been anticipating a new album for months and plan on returning to the studio this winter after the tour ends. Apparently, they already have a bunch of smashing new songs on the net!

“I’m really excited. This is our last tour of the year for this record. I am so proud of how far we’ve come…I never expected for us to be here,” said Moore.

Here’s to hoping that Moore will be in good health this time around and that it all feels the same when Tennis returns to the Rock & Roll Hotel. They may be love for two, but third time’s always the charm! Surely, Tennis will ace it.


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