Keeping calm and carrying on…with my life!


Wow, I haven’t posted a legitimate blog entry in ages…my life has been pretty hectic lately! I went home briefly over the weekend and my Mom got this planner for me. I absolutely love it. I feel like I’m taking the whole “Keep Calm And Carry On” thing too far, but I’m quite fond of it so haterz can head to the left! I’ve been told I’m almost too sane so maintaining a calm state of mind is very ideal.

Now that I have a part-time job, my schedule has become slightly overwhelming. Working in retail is definitely an experience, but it has its perks. (Especially at Urban Outfitters where we get an additional 40% off!) Honestly, everyone should be required to work in retail at least once in their lifetime. I have only had this job for about three weeks, but I am learning so much about the retail business, impressions/appearances, and simple interaction with people. Time-management is really kicking into high gear right now as well- my social life on the weekend is basically non-existent aside from hanging out with my co-workers during our shifts!

On another note, tonight I am covering the Tennis concert at the Rock & Roll Hotel for The Eagle! I am so stoked because their PR agent hooked me up with a +1 (plus-one) and a photo pass! I love Tennis’ music so I’m really looking forward to their performance. Hopefully I can convince someone to go with me…ASAP.

Here’s a good ol’ Song of the Day, enjoy!

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