Music Monday: Wild Belle

A week ago, I had never heard of Wild Belle. All I knew was that they were opening for Tennis and for once, I decided not to prepare myself for their set. I went in blind- or would it be deaf?- but that ended up making all the difference.  They fuse rock and roll with folk, jazz, and reggae to produce a unique sound that is refreshing to listen to. I mean, how many bands use a saxophone on the stage? Not many.

The Chicago, IL based band stems from siblings Natalie (vocals) and Elliot Bergman (multi-instrumentalist). Their single “Keep You” is considered one of the biggest breakouts of this year and has earned them praise from mediums as high end as Vogue. Wild Belle doesn’t have a ton of material released right now, but watching them perform during their set was intoxicating- I felt like I had been transported back to a rock show at a bar in the 1970s.

I want more Wild Belle and when you give ’em a listen, you probably will too! Oh, and if you’re one of the fortunate few who gets to see Passion Pit this week, Wild Belle is one of the openers! They honestly steal the show.

End note: What a coincidence that 9:30 club also posted about them for their Music Monday! I swear it was all my idea, I had this saved as a draft a week ago.


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