Pretty In Pink: Wedding Edition

For the record, I have never been the type of girl who has envisioned her dream wedding since she could walk and talk. In fact, I’m more on the pessimistic side and picture a future where I live alone in a cute house with my cool cat by my side. And in the event that some guy can’t picture his life without me, I have always said that a Vera Wang gown is all I need on that special day. Well, ladies and gentlemen, that has all changed ever since Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake got hitched. Sure I’m happy about their long-awaited union, but I can’t take my eyes off that beautiful pink wedding gown!

In terms of shade, Jessica’s dress is as close to the perfect shade of pink as she could possibly get. This is a cross between bubblegum pink and cotton candy pink. She nailed it. I love that the dress is layered, it really flatters Jessica’s figure.

Thank you, Jessica for reminding me that it’s YOUR wedding day. If I ever elope, I will most definitely make my debut into society as a wife in a pink dress. (I mean, it’s no secret that my favorite color is pink.) Happiest girls are the prettiest, and the prettiest girls know how to wear pink :)


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