A very merry unbirthday to you!

Today is my Mom’s birthday! Little did she know that these items were coming in the mail from me to her! I called her at midnight to wish her the happiest of birthdays, and she opened the package on the phone. Listening to her reaction was priceless, I’m so glad that I followed through with my goal of buying my parents my own personally selected gifts this year.

Urban Outfitters recently had a few copies of this book on display and I couldn’t resist buying one! Me and my Mom collect all the different versions of Alice’s Adventure In Wonderland that we come across. The fact that UO was selling this unique edition and I had a discount to use towards it was more than enough incentive for me to purchase it! This was the last copy available, which I took as a positive sign!

Of course this item caught my eye on my way out of work the other day. Urban Outfitters also sells Alice In Wonderland themed soy candles! (Apparently, they smell really good.) This one went to my Mom, but I plan on picking up a different one for myself before or after my shift today!

Once again, I spotted this at work. It instantly reminded me of Alice In Wonderland and the teapot lamp I got the last time I was home! Lastly, I treated myself to these new Minnetonka mocassions! It’s like I’m walking on sunshine…wooooaaaahhhhh-ohhhhh.

Song of the day: “Unbirthday Party” from Alice In Wonderland


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