Crowd Surfing

Crowd surfing, one of the most exciting activities to engage in during a concert, something I have yet to experience. I have always wanted to crowd surf, but wind up getting too nervous because of my fear of getting dropped on the floor. I mean, it’s human nature not to trust strangers with my entire physical being. After all, crowd surfing is the easiest way to get an injury at a show, is it not? I wouldn’t say that having doubts about mankind is illogical. But there’s something thrilling about crowd surfing.

You get a rush as your body is hoisted into the air and carried by the crowd in the middle of the pit. (As stated before, I wouldn’t know based on my lack of personal experience, but my friends have participated loads of times.) You become weightless, floating on towards an unknown destination. Okay, it’s not exactly unknown because you can only go as far as the stage, granted security doesn’t kick you out and you don’t collapse mid-surf.

Crowd surfing is similar to going with the flow, something that just doesn’t come naturally to me. Ask any of my friends—I have tried on several occasions, but I can’t break my routine. If you asked me when I’m free, I could honestly tell you my availability for the rest of the month because I already have everything penciled in. I live on a day-to-day schedule, planning weeks and months in advance to prevent a little thing called chaos.

If I didn’t use a planner or iCal to keep me organized, I would totally have a mental breakdown, but sometimes I wish I could wake up without having to worry about checking things off.

The downfall of living this way is the fact that it sets you on the rigid path of a regimented lifestyle. There’s never any wiggle room—instead, life becomes “free time”. At the end of the night, you get kicked in the head by the next day’s tasks you have yet to complete.

With finals creeping around the corner, I am even stricter about staying ahead and following my agenda, but I have allotted myself a few empty days to unwind. At least once a week, we should all get to experience a day for what it truly is without knowing the outcome.

Sometimes you’ve just got to go with the flow and ride the wave…or surf the crowd.


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