POZ Review: Thrice – Anthology


Although Thrice is on hiatus, this year they came back with 24 songs on the live album,Anthology.

Opening with live cheers, clapping and whistling from an eager crowd, “Yellow Belly” gears up the album. The enthusiasm from the crowd definitely feeds into the raw energy that Thrice gives off. It can be felt within every hard guitar riff, drumbeat, and gritty chant.

As the crowd calms down, Thrice raises the energy on the shout-tastic song “Image of the Invisible.” The echoes of the audience singing along gives the song a thick, haunting element not captured on the original recording. It hits harder and is almost more impactful. The lyrics, “We are the image of the invisible,” get drilled into the listener’s head as Kensrue harshly bellows it.

“The Artists in the Ambulance” really displays their rock roots with various guitar tones, dancing chords, and a constantly changing tempo that will make anyone want to mosh with the nearest object in contact.

Songs like “Kill Me Quickly” and “Under A Killing Moon” are on the darker side, as depicted in the titles. “‘Cause I’m sick of the stabbing, I’m sick of the breaking, I’m sick of the bleeding until we fall down, sick of this circle of death that we dance through again and again, just lay me in the ground,” Kensrue sings behind distorted guitars. The transition between these two particular songs is so smooth that it actually sounds like one continuous track.

As displayed by the crowd enthusiasm, favorites on the album include “In Exile,” “Stare At The Sun,” and “Promises.” Thrice changes the flow here and there, throwing in slower rock ballads like “Red Sky.” After the encore, the album ends on the 24th song, “Anthology.”

“We want to dedicate this song for you guys for supporting us, for hanging with us, for rocking with us for so long. We have had a blast playing with you. We don’t know what the future looks like exactly, but we just want to thank you for what’s happened for the past 14 years,” Kensrue says.

The songs from this live album sound identical to the recordings, which is always comforting to hear. On another note, Anthology is a testament to Thrice’s true musicianship. Anthology is physical evidence that Thrice’s live performances are just as satisfying as blasting them from the console of your beat up used car.


*This review was composed by Sydney Gore and edited by Erik van Rheenen


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