POZ Review: Young Statues – Covers EP


Months after releasing their Acoustic EP, Young Statues has put together the Covers EP, which consists of four covers songs. Based in Philadelphia, PA, Carmen Cirgnano (vocals) Tom Ryan (bass), Daniel Bogan (drums), Matt Weber (guitar) and Andrew Richards started the indie rock band in 2010.

The first track on the EP is “A New England,” a Billy Bragg cover. The song features vocals from Brianna Collins, the lead singer of Tigers Jaw. It’s a cute duet as they harmonize and sing the chorus, “I don’t want to change the world, I’m not looking for New England. Are you looking for another girl?” It’s full of British slang without British accents, and chock full of strummy folky rhythms. Overall, this is a solid cover that makes the track slightly less political than the original.

Next, Young Statues cover Ryan Adam’s “Ashes and Fire.” It has Adams’ country element to it, evoking the simplicity of a man telling a story with his acoustic guitar. But in comparison to the original, it’s missing that jazzy blues effect. The vocals aren’t as raspy Ryan Adams’, but the beauty of this cover is that the differences strengthen this version. It’s more lighthearted and has an unexplainable feel-good vibe to it.

Unlike Katy Perry, the Magnetic Fields version of “California Girls” does not praise the fine, fresh and fierce ladies. Instead, Young Statues sweetly bashes them. “See them on their big, bright screen/ Tan and blonde and seventeen/ Eating non-food keeps them mean, but they’re young forever/ If they must grow up, they marry dukes and earls/ I hate California girls.” And yet, there’s still this calm, relaxing sense that washes over you even though the track is more upbeat. An acoustic touch really brings out the best in this song. It’s less trippy and so much easier to understand.

Young Statues’ version of New Order’s “Age of Consent” changes the EP’s dynamic with every instrument utilized and the addition of some electronic flare. Young Statues show everyone that they can rock and roll, but still make people want to dance.

Covering songs can be tricky, especially when the original artists are more well known with a sound of their own, but Young Statues pull off all four of these covers flawlessly by putting their own spin on them. Young Statues has this pure unplugged sound that gives their music more emotion and depth, making them a real pleasure to listen to. Blast the Covers EP for too long and I guarantee you’ll have trouble covering the goofy smile stuck on your face.


*This review was composed by Sydney Gore and edited by Erik van Rheenen


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