Maybe I was naughty once, but now I’m nice!

So far, I have been home for a total of five days. It feels like an eternity has surpassed! All I have really done is sleep, shop and socialize. Oh, and I have been writing reviews of course. (I am currently typing up a review on the A Very She & Him Christmas album!) It’s weird that right now we are reaching the end of the holiday season. I practically forgot about Christmas during Finals Week because I was studying so much! Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled to be home and have all this downtime, but I miss running around in the city with my friends. I always feel so limited down in the suburbs, but as long as I can drive Beau (my Volkswagon beetle), I will not waste my days in bed!


Before I came back, I ordered this necklace- it’s the outline of New Jersey! I purchased the necklace for a lot of reasons, but the main two were: to show my pride for where I “come from”, and to have a little piece of home with me wherever I go. It keeps me grounded in a sense, and also reminds me that I have so much more road to travel. I have never been particularly fond of this state or my town, but I want to stop being so negative about them both. It’s about time I viewed New Jersey in a positive light.


Today, I finally returned to Animo, my favorite salad/burrito/juice bar of all time. Nothing tastes better than healthy, organic food made fresh by your favorite barista! Everything was absolutely divine. I had a lovely time catching up with my friends Havi and Jenna.


My first pair of Jeffrey Campbell’s!!!!! My Lita’s arrived yesterday and I am so glad that I decided to buy them. Definitely one of my best investments yet! I’m a sucker for anything pink, but throw on glitter and I can’t resist the urge.


I’m planning on debuting these beautiful shoes when I’m in New York City for New Year’s! Could there be a more perfect occasion? I think not.


This year, I bought Christmas gifts for both of my parents! It’s a very big deal because in the past, my parents always bought a few presents for each other and had me sign off on them. My gifts aren’t the most incredible or expensive items in the world, but I tried to make them as personal as possible. Hopefully my parents will find them useful!


I know, I’m the best wrapper you’ve ever seen. I figured this would be a good way to use all the copies of The Eagle that I have been giving my parents. Hahaha.

If you haven’t heard it already, definitely check out The Killers’ Christmas single, “I Feel It in My Bones”. If you purchase the song, all of the proceeds go towards the (RED) campaign to fight AIDS in Africa! The Killers put out a Christmas song on National AIDS Day every year; it’s a great cause and a wonderful season to help give back!



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