Breakfast at Serendipity’s

The year isn’t quite over yet, but this month alone I have experienced so many changes. Sometimes change can be difficult, but it is an adjustment that has to be made eventually. I aim for my transitions to be as smooth as possible. Last week, I switched rooms and now live in a suite with one of my best friends. I never thought that I would move out, but it was truly for the best. There’s something wonderful about this new room. Overall, the vibe is extremely positive. It makes me feel like I’m home again.


Here’s a glimpse of my side of the suite! It’s a work in progress, as I still have so much more decorating to do!


This wall is probably my favorite part of the entire room. I wasn’t sure what I was going to be able to do with my dried tea bags since I no longer have a dresser, but my creative juices started flowing and before I knew it, tea bags were all up on my wall! I am very pleased with how this little project turned out. Now I have a reason to save my tea bags again!


After Finals Week (a.k.a. Satan’s Coming Out Party), I went out to dinner at Serendipity with Izzy and Monica. I ordered the Central Park omelette and it was delightful. The three of us ladies were working it on M Street that night- I can’t wait to do it even better come 2013!


Ever since I bought these bad boyz from Urban Outfitters, I have been wearing them non-stop! I can’t believe I finally own a pair of Frye boots. (Special thanks to the ever-so-helpful Rich! Oh, and my Mom too since they’re my early Christmas present from her.) The boots have practically molded to my feet and they are super comfortable. They also look killer on my legs.

I’m ending this post on a good note…literally. Here are a few of my favorite songs right this instant!


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