We all crave affection. Not only humans, but animals. The desire for affection from another being is a natural animal instinct. And the need for attention prioritizes itself in our weakest state of mind. Standards are irrelevant when we receive more than we asked to be given. To be touched. The feel of fingers as they slide down your skin. The nails digging into your back, leaving a fine line of marks. Hands wandering, embracing every part of you. The warmth of a body beside yours, spooning and cuddling your frame. Lips laying kisses on your forehead, teeth biting your lip, tongue lightly grazing over yours. Why should we be denied this? Until we find “the one,” it’s like eating your favorite dessert- mouth-watering, delicious and satisfying but only for a few minutes until all that’s left on the plate is a few crumbs. It’s all temporary. You go through the motions and try people out, testing your boundaries, learning your limits, sharpening your skills until you’ve formulated permanent standards. But amongst all that searching, you grow lonely. And you miss the sense of touch. So from time to time, you give in to temptation and the sensation, closing your eyes as another figure feels you. When will this system stop? When will the day come when he’s waiting in your bed for you every night forever?



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