POZ Review: City And Colour – Covers Pt. 2


Take off your pants, light some scented candles, sit back and relax because Dallas Green will take all your troubles away with Covers Pt. 2. The EP features two acoustic cover songs; “How Come Your Arms Are Not Around Me” by Kristofer Åström of the Swedish band Fireside, and “Soon Enough” by The Constantines, a Canadian band.

The songs have a slight twang to them, but remain somber. In “How Come Your Arms Are Not Around Me”, Green’s voice has this ethereal tone to it as he slowly sings while gently strumming a guitar. It echoes in the depths of the listener’s heart. Åström‘s voice is monotone and flat whereas Green’s voice brings the song to life with a spirited acoustic touch.

The familiar sound of Green’s harmonica on “Soon Enough” gives the song a soul of its own. Originally, The Constantines made it rock and roll with an upbeat tempo provided by electric guitars, raspy vocals, and fading drums. Green’s version has a country-esque twang while solidifying a gloomy state of mind.

City And Colour arranges a beautiful set of covers, but my only complaint is that this EP should have been longer. Green is a talented musician and he sells himself short by not displaying his potential to the fullest. With that being said, Covers Pt. 2 needs to be added to everyone’s vinyl collection. For now, it will have to do, but it is nowhere near satisfactory enough for all of us listeners who are starving for more.


*This review was composed by Sydney Gore and edited by Erik van Rheenen


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