POZ Review: Squid The Whale – Four More


It’s getting easy to realize that bands with whale in their names are usually pretty amazing. So there’s no surprise that Squid The Whale supports this statement. Brandon Kubiac (guitar), Daniel Jay (bass), Jonathan Wagoner (drums) and Bradley Walden (vocals) show everyone the power of rock & soul on the Four More EP.

“Bad Man” starts with a gospel choir before completely switching gears straight to rock and roll. Walden’s vocals match the gospel tone, enriching the soulful sound when he strains behind Kubiac’s gritty guitar playing. This song is more playful and will make most fans want to dance until they lose feeling in their feet.

“How Do I Show These Cowboys I’m Alive” is an edgier track as Walden talks back, singing, “You don’t know me, you just know my name.” It’s oozing with sass and will empower listeners dealing with an enemy that brings out the worst in them.

“Drown Pt. 2” is completely piano-based, dragging the tempo down to a slower pace as Walden strips down his voice and invites the listener into his soul. This song also features a female vocalist, who evokes an eerier vibe as she softly sings, “I’ll wait for you” to Walden. About halfway through, the volume of the two voices crescendos as they sing back and forth to each other while being drowned out by a sound clip. It’s like Squid The Whale sets the listener up for a fight, and at the end, leaves them swimming in their own muddled thoughts.

“Warden Sings The Blues” finishes the EP with a little less rock and a little more soul. It emits a softer tone as Walden coos soft oohs and Wagoner lightly taps out the beat.

Four More EP is full of different shades of blue, but Squid The Whale’s passion seeps through the speakers on every track. They’re not like the other fish in the sea: roaming far from the mainstream.



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