Snapbacks and cats too!

While my style has continued to evolve over the years, my love for cats has not. Once a cat lover, always a cat lover. This is something that will never change- I will always have a preference for cats over any other pet. It all started when I watched “Aristocats” in preschool, followed by my grandparents taking me to see the musical CATS on Broadway when I was in first or second grade. (What a production! “Memory” chokes me up every single time I listen to it…) Shortly after that, my parents got me my first cat, Snuggles, and ever since, I have been borderline obsessed with cats.

Not once have I have ever seen dog lovers get berated for their admiration of the slobbery companions. And why are women deemed as “crazy cat ladies”? I would like to take this moment to point out that men are not ridiculed for liking cats. I mean, hello, look at James and Dave Franco- they adore cats and we praise them for it! Clearly, I’m not hiding the fact that I am a cat lover- I’m pretty sure that everyone who knows me is quite aware of this- because I am not ashamed of it. In fact, I think the world is actually catching up and getting on my level- the whole “cat craze” has become a huge trend, especially in the fashion industry. To be honest, there’s no reason why I shouldn’t be taking full advantage of this. I mean, if the cat purrs, why not pet it? Hahaha.


A few weeks ago, I ordered this awesome backpack from Urban Outfitters- we all refer to it as my catpack! Now I can rep kitties all day long. Combined with the UNIF “Snapbacks and Cats Too” tank, I don’t look like a crazy cat lover, but the coolest cat on the block.

Tonight, I’ve been on a bit of a Best Coast binge- it doesn’t hurt that Bethany Consentino constantly talks about her cat, Snacks whenever she has the chance. (To whom it may concern, she’s been dating Nathan from Wavves for like…ever.)

Ladies, embrace your pussy…cat.

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