Throwback Tunesday: Hoku- Perfect Day

This tune was the opening song for so many chick flicks in the late 90s/early millennium, “Legally Blonde” being the most memorable feature. I recall hearing it play on Radio Disney all the time when I was a tot! Back then, it used to be something I absentmindedly sang along to in the car. Now, I’m really seeing the true purpose of the song and the bigger picture behind the music.

Every day might not be perfect, but we should make the best of it. Most of the time, the only thing standing in our way of accomplishing something is ourselves. Granted, things can go wrong, but if you go in with a positive attitude, anything can happen! If you are an ambassador of positivity, the good vibes will follow you.


The sun is up, the sky is blue, it’s beautiful, and so are you :) Don’t let anyone rain on your parade today, tomorrow, or the next day.


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