Soak Up The Sunday: Rolling in the luxurious lane

I suppose this is more of a throwback, but now that I’m back from Spring Break, I’m feeling rather luxurious. I know my worth, and I am better than ever now that I am all caught up on sleep and well-fed. (Hahaha.) With a mind that is more focused and driven, I am ready to finish this semester strong! I will not settle for anything less than my best.

Working so hard every night and day
And now we get the pay back
Trying so hard saving up the paper
Now we get to lay back

Gwen Stefani knows my life. Every day, I am caught up working on something whether it be a project, task or assignment. Granted, I take advantage of my down time- I took full advantage during break- but all work and no play is a bad combination! From now on, I’m planning on going out on the town and doing something exciting every (other) weekend! Living in a city, there’s honestly no reason not to. It’s a balance act that I have mastered pretty well, but with a part-time job and internships, the stick of sanity has been on the shorter side. I’m suffering from a case of summertime sadness, but exactly two months from now I will be able to chillax.

With my 20th birthday a little over a month away, I have to live up my last official teenage year while I still can! Following the example of my idol seems a like a good idea. Gwen Stefani will always be a hustler with swag out the bag.

“Tu est si jolie c’est pas possible. C’est jamais assez… c’est jamais assez. Tu me fais plein. Toutes les choses tu me fais sentir, c’est parfait. Je suis bien avec toi… je suis bien.”


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