Petty politics.

For the record, I am a member of The Eagle staff. More than that, I am Assistant Editor of The Scene. So when anyone accuses the writers of yellow journalism, you are insulting me too and I don’t appreciate it. Oh, and as a survivor of Eagle Rants, I’m getting real tired of all the bullshit I smell on this campus. Getting burned never seems to get old; we defend and offend our friends.

Where’s the support? 

I’m not implying that you should support The Eagle because I’m on it, but if you’re my friend, I expect you to support me and what I do. I love The Scene with all of my heart. I devote myself to this section weekly, investing a huge amount of my time and energy into making it the best that it can be. Personally speaking, my writing is progressively improving- by no means is it at its best yet. Like wine, it gets better with time. As a writer, I constantly scrutinize my work, never thinking that it’s good enough. I have always been insecure about sharing my writing with others but in recent years, I have become increasingly more comfortable with the concept. But without my solid support system, I can’t continue to do my job with full confidence.

I may not have my degree in Journalism yet, but I have taken my fair share of COMM classes with plenty more to go. (Side note: We don’t get to take Reporting until junior year now so technically I haven’t been able to take an official journalism class yet.) This also applies to my fellow staff. Every single one of us has experience in our field. If you don’t think my background is legit, please feel free to check out my resume; it speaks for itself.

This is something I want to strongly emphasize: It’s not always the organization as a whole, sometimes it’s individual people, something that can be said on behalf of all AU organizations/clubs. Know the difference. If it doesn’t sound like me, it wasn’t me. If my name’s not on it, I didn’t write it. I don’t always agree with everything that gets published and I am not directly involved in the entire process of the newspaper.

If you don’t like The Eagle, don’t read it. End of story.

All endorsements aside, I will be voting for Rosemary Cipriano, Julia Reinstein and Ben Johnson in this election. I stand by my section and I stand by my friends.

Good day to you all.

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