Anything Could Happen: Nike x Ellie Goulding

Normally, I don’t follow the hype when it comes to sneakers- especially running sneakers. I’m all about staying in shape, but I choose to exercise in the comfort of my school’s gym and on my Vera Bradley yoga mat. But when I saw this pair of sneakers, I thought, “Anything could happen. Why not?” With a limited amount released, everyone’s going to be running to the nearest Nike store for these pumped up kicks.


I like Ellie’s design- she selected the perfect shades of pink and grey, and the sneaker looks like it’s a good fit. I would have to try them on before purchasing, but this looks like a good investment. Nike, you got me and it has everything to do with Ellie Goulding. I’m a huge fan of the singer- I’ve seen her live twice- soon to be thrice after the Firefly Festival this June- and have all of her songs, including unreleased tracks! I absolutely love everything about her. (Major girl crush!)

If you don’t listen to Ellie Goulding, you’re totally missing out! It’s hard to choose a favorite, but my go-to tracks of hers are always “Hanging On“, “Under The Sheets“,  “The End“, “The Writer“, and of course, “Starry Eyed“.

Now let’s see if I can actually snag a pair of those kicks…


*End note: Special thanks to Nylon for providing all of this information and announcing the news! Best magazine on the block.

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