Here’s To Never Growing Up

Avril Lavigne is 28 years old, and she’s still censoring herself…what the hell? I wasn’t expecting much from this single and to be honest, I’m not impressed in the slightest. The acoustic guitars add a nice touch though and remind me of the old days when Avril was a little punk, busy chasing sk8r boys. Still catering to teenagers, Avril has written an anthem praising the idea of having fun by staying young forever and never growing up. According to her, “It’s a pop rock tune. And it’s just about being young, having fun, being present, living in the moment and that’s what I love to do”.

“Here’s To Nover Growing Up” is nothing that we haven’t ever heard on the radio before in the past 3 months, but it’s catchy nonetheless. I mean, who doesn’t love singing Radiohead at the top of their lungs and going hard on the weekends? Apparently, her Nickelback boo, Chad Kroeger co-wrrote the track. Not only does this scare me, but it makes me like the song even less. I get that she wants to have fun, but maybe she should do a little growing up like her fans. It’s 2013, not 2002. We’re all different people now.

Here’s to a happy ending that’s not complicated. I may not be with you, Avril, but I’ll keep holding on.


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