Throwback Tunesday: T.O.N.Y.

I’m throwing it back to Tuesday night at the 9:30 club when Solange Knowles blessed me with her wonderful music and graced me with her beautiful presence; Solange Knowles gave me life. (I rarely used that last phrase so you know that I really mean it.) “T.O.N.Y.” is a track from the SoL-AngeL & The Hadley Street Dreams album, which came out way back in 2009. (I love that Kid Cudi randomly makes an appearance in this video.)

This song alone proves that Solange simply gets me. It’s like she knows me and what I’ve been through. IMO, I think that Solange’s music is easily relatable and more down-to-earth. Beyonce is off living her fabulous life in the fast lane; meanwhile, Solange is on the passenger side riding the struggle bus with the rest of us.

“T.O.N.Y don’t call no more/ No, not at all no more/ Maybe there’s something wrong with his phone/ Or maybe it’s morning and the thrill is gone/ I’m not sure if I’m still respected/ And I’m not in a rush to feel rejected/ Not by T.O.N.Y

T.O.N.Y don’t care no more/ He doesn’t want me there no more/ I just wanna know what I did wrong/ Damn this’ll make a real good song/ And I don’t have these nights to often/ I wish I could take my mind off it/ But I really like T.O.N.Y”


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