The 20/20 Experience {SYDNEY STYLE}

Today is the day! I am no longer a teenager, and have officially entered my twenties! So far, my 20/20 Experience has been pretty average. But how exactly did I end my last few minutes as a teenager, you ask? By watching “Winning London”, a Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen classic.

At the stroke of midnight, my best friend, Mica called to wish me a happy birthday. In addition to receiving a rad birthday shoutout from the homie Richard via, my long lost birthday twin from home, Havisha wrote me the cutest birthday message. This morning, I woke up at approximately 11:11am and my phone was blowing up with a bunch of birthday texts! I had my doubts, but my family and friends continue to amaze me.

Of course, my parents always go above and beyond to make sure my birthday is always special, and they sent me this beautiful birthday bundle in the mail!


I  stopped asking for particular items for my birthday a few years back after realizing that my parents do more than enough for me. Thus, I didn’t know what to expect in this package! These are a few of my favorite things… :)


SURPRISE!!!! My parents are the absolute best. The new Justin Timberlake CD was enough for me, but…TICKETS TO THE LEGENDS OF THE SUMMER TOUR?!?!?!?! Somebody hold me.


I still can’t stop screaming…and smiling. No wonder they call this phase the roaring twenties! ;)


Special thanks to Guilia for the journal and Breakfast Club pins! Love love love <3


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