I’m gonna pop your bubblegum heart.

Well, I’m back in suburbia and I ain’t even mad. My sophomore year of college came and went in what feels like the blink of an eye. The sophomore slump is real, but in the end, I think I overcame my struggles. For the most part, anyway. And now I’m home, eager to start my internship in New York City! BILLBOARD. Wow. Until then, I’ll be spending as much of my free time as I possibly can with my friends and family! Some of these new trinkets should help do the trick ;)


Now that I’m a JUNIOR (where did the time go?!) I felt like it was time to change my bedspread. I went for a semi-patriotic look- basically, it’s the American flag but in pastel colors- but it won’t conflict with my go-to color scheme. I have a thing with Vans so when I found this beautiful pink pair, I couldn’t say no.  Shoutout to Urban Outfitters for having all these goodies!


As for the camera…Well, I have wanted a polaroid camera of my own for-EVER so when I saw a PINK one, I knew that it was meant to be mine. It’s small enough that I should be able to slip into into most of my bags, so that’s always a plus. Convenience is key, friends.


Reunited with my cats, and it feels soooooo good. Meow it really feels like summer!


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